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Yahoo Finally Relaunches Messenger as an App Aimed at Families and Groups

A late entry in a category that has exploded in popularity.


When Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo in 2012, one of her first tasks was to modernize the company’s suite of mobile apps. The company brought hundreds of engineers into its then-tiny mobile division, and then lavished attention on its most-used apps. Weather, Flickr, Mail and the flagship Yahoo app all received significant overhauls, and combined with the acquisition of Tumblr pushed Yahoo to be able to claim one billion mobile users every month. But one big product never got that upgrade, even as its category exploded in popularity around the world. This spring, Yahoo Messenger was pulled from app stores.

Today it’s coming back. Yahoo Messenger, as the app is still called, is launching on Android, iOS, and the Web. You can also find it inside Yahoo Mail, where it pops up as a Gmail-style talk widget. When you log in to the app using your Yahoo account, you’ll find a clean, modern messaging app with a couple of nice twists.

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