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Uber Has a Colorful New Way to Prevent Awkward Car Mixups

LED devices to connect riders to drivers.


Have you ever suffered the embarrassment of jumping into a complete stranger’s car, thinking it was the Uber driver you just hailed?

In an effort to eliminate these mixups, Uber is rolling out a new, color-coded technology called Spot. The company is providing the devices, which appear to be long, thin LED lights, to drivers to attach to the inside of their windshield. After a rider hails a car, he or she will be asked to select a color — yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, or green — while they wait.

When the driver arrives, the Spot device will glow in that color. And riders can press and hold the color on their phone to light up their screens, allowing the driver to identify them in return.

The new feature will only be available in Seattle to start out.

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