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Why Is Amazon Using a Racist Bully to Promote Prime Air?

The fired "Top Gear" host, who has a new show in the works for Amazon, doesn’t deserve a television program or our admiration.

Paul Gilham / Getty Images

Last weekend, Amazon released an ad for its Prime Air drone delivery system that shows a compelling demonstration of a pair of shoes being delivered to a home by some sort of helicopter-airplane hybrid. The ad wasn’t just notable for revealing one of the company’s new drone designs, though: It prominently featured Jeremy Clarkson, the British television personality that Amazon hired after his dismissal from BBC earlier this year. Clarkson’s new show debuts soon, so Amazon was able to kill two promotional birds with a single stone by featuring him in the ad.

Under Clarkson’s stewardship, “Top Gear” became one of the most compelling and captivating shows on television — a rare work that successfully bridged the gap between automotive enthusiasts and a broader, general audience.

But as good as “Top Gear” was, and as good as his Amazon show may end up being, Clarkson is also an unhinged, racist blowhard who doesn’t deserve a television program or our admiration.

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