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Ford Adds Siri to Older Cars While Wait Continues for Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay

Some cars older than Siri itself are getting support for Apple's voice-powered virtual assistant.


While newer Ford owners continue to await support for Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay, owners of older models got some good news.

Ford announced Thursday that it is adding support for Siri Eyes Free, a more limited form of iPhone connectivity, to its second-generation MyFord Touch systems. That means that cars manufactured as far back as 2010 — some older than Siri itself — will have the ability to press a button on their steering wheel and access Apple’s voice assistant to do things like make calls or play music.

The carmaker reiterated that owners of Sync 3-equipped models will get the ability to add CarPlay and Android Auto in the “near future.”

“As you can imagine, we are working on it,” Fields said at a briefing last month with Bay Area tech reporters.

The Sync 3 system, which started being included on some Ford cars this year, already supports Siri Eyes Free.

The carmaker has been trying to tread a delicate balance in supporting Apple and Google’s efforts without ceding too much valuable real estate to the tech companies.

“At the end of the day we don’t want to end up as the handset business,” Fields said in an April interview with Re/code.

Here’s a video of Siri Eyes Free in action on a MyFord Touch system:

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