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Allow Me to Re/introduce Myself ... I'm Eric Johnson, Re/code Radio Producer

We're having great fun with "Re/code Decode" and "Re/code Replay." But you ain't heard nothing yet.

Eric Johnson

What if you could sit in on the world’s most interesting dinner party?

That’s what it feels like to listen to a good podcast. Audio is a powerful medium for telling stories, and I’m happy that I get to have a hand in those stories as the new podcast producer at Re/code Radio.

My name is Eric Johnson — you might have seen my name around here attached to stories about video games, virtual reality and awful Kickstarter projects, among other things. I’ve been with Re/code since it launched in January 2014, and before that worked with many of the same people at AllThingsD, starting in 2012.


I’ve been a fan of podcasts for seven years, but it’s only in the past year or two that they’ve really started to enter the mainstream. I’m obligated by podcast law at this point to mention “Serial,” but there’s a whole lot of great audio content out there, and more still yet to be created. At Re/code Radio, we’re starting to assemble a robust lineup that upholds our signature tone and journalistic values.

We already have weekly in-depth interviews with the most important movers and shakers in tech, on Kara Swisher’s “Re/code Decode;” the buzz of a live conversation at our iconic Code Conference, on “Re/code Replay;” and sharply funny banter about the latest gadgets and how they work, in the “Too Embarrassed to Ask” segment of “Re/code Decode.”

And starting today, Peter Kafka will be hosting a second weekly edition of “Re/code Decode” from New York, focused on the media. If you’re haven’t done so already, now is a really good time to subscribe to the show on iTunes.

But that’s just the start. We’re gearing up to launch several new podcasts in the coming months to ensure you never have to wait too long for more great stuff to listen to.

A bit more about me, for those of you who haven’t already split to listen to Peter’s interview with Ricky Van Veen or Kara’s interview with Brian Chesky: I discovered a love of radio and podcasting in college, working at 95.5 WBRU in Providence, R.I., for four years and interning at WTOP News in Washington, D.C., for a summer. And outside of Re/code, I even co-host a fun pop culture podcast called Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b, which has been on hiatus since June but is coming back soon.

My top-five non-Re/code podcasts, if you’re into that sort of thing, are:

And to all of our listeners: Whether you’re new to podcasting or a longtime true believer, I’d love to talk with you. To share your thoughts about Re/code Radio and what you’d like to hear from us next, or if you have a podcast recommendation, tweet me any time at @HeyHeyESJ, or email me at

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