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Jeb Bush on the Art of the Selfie

Next installment: The wit and wisdom of emojis!

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Jeb Bush took a break from being Donald Trump’s punching bag to offer a few tips on the art of the selfie.

During a campaign visit to his old political stomping grounds of Florida, the Republican presidential hopeful shared some selfie tips with a crowd at the Forum Club in West Palm Beach.

For those who missed it, Bush tweeted a video of his 1:21 dissertation, which he described (self-deprecatingly, we hope) as a “master class on selfies.” Judge for yourself:

The video short is the latest installment under the hashtag #JebNoFilter, a social media effort that apparently seeks to humanize the candidate (even if it sort of cements his awkwardness, as in this video of him struggling to put on a hoodie and deadpaning “Eat your heart out, Zuckerberg”). Guess it’s better than #JebCanFixIt.

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