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Verizon Promo Lets Customers Exchange Their Carrier Like an Ugly Sweater

And it will pay up to $650 in switching costs.

Ina Fried

Verizon says it knows that not everyone got what they wanted this year. Some people, it said, got the wrong cellphone provider.

Starting Monday, the company is offering to pay up to $650 in switching costs for those who want to return to Verizon.

“Everyone has the one gift they’d like to exchange for something better: Maybe that not-so-cool holiday sweater — or the wrong network,” Verizon said in a note that accompanied a lovely blue snowman sweater sent to this reporter.

Verizon says that 87 percent of T-Mobile customers and 86 percent of Sprint customers who returned within six months of leaving Verizon did so because of network quality issues.

Sweater aside, the promo is similar to ones that all the carriers have been running at some point this year, offering to pay switching costs if customers bring over their old number. As with many rival plans, customers have to bring over their number, trade-in their old device and purchase a new device at fill price (or via an installment plan) to get the maximum payment.

Separately, Verizon is also promising customers on one of its XL or larger data plans that they will get an extra 2GB of data per month as long as they remain on their plan.

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