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Google Uses Homepage to Pitch New Android and iPhone Owners on Its Apps

The company devotes its most precious real estate to pitching new device owners on its services.

Screenshot by Re/code

Whether you got an iPhone or an Android device for Christmas, Google wants you to know it has plenty of apps available for you.

Screenshot by Re/code

The company has devoted its most prime real estate — the homepage — to showing its wares. Just above a wrapped present icon are links to Google apps on its own Google Play Store as well as those it has in the Apple App Store. Lest you think Google doesn’t care enough about the iPhone, it’s worth noting that the company has 62 different iPhone apps and 47 for the iPad.

Google’s move aims to take advantage of one of the biggest download times of the year, just after Christmas as people have time off work and new devices to fill with content.

If you want a more independent take, here’s The Verge’s list of what Android and iOS apps you should download first.

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