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Santa's Little Hellion: Robots Dressed Up as Reindeer to Spread Holiday Fear

A literal nightmare before Christmas.

Boston Dynamics via YouTube

Christmas, a pagan holiday first reappropriated by Christians and later by large corporations, has been reappropriated for nefarious purposes once again — this time by a company that makes robots.

Boston Dynamics, a robotics lab owned by Google, makes technologically advanced and Tim Burton-level-eerie robots. The company, in literal “Nightmare Before Christmas” fashion, has released a video of their terrifying robots towing a sleigh while dressed up as reindeer. There is a woman shouting festive things while in the sleigh, though it’s entirely possible she’s been captured and brainwashed.

This type of robot has been named Spot by Boston Dynamics, the same way Stephen King once called a dog Cujo, a car Christine and a telepathic murderer Carrie. BuzzFeed San Francisco bureau chief Mat Honan correctly observes that this holiday video, which you can watch below, is a perfect way to instill lifelong fear in your children.

Hug yourselves:

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