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Nutanix IPO Filing Wraps Up Big Year for Storage

The scale of business data these days is uprooting the $47 billion storage market.


Storage isn’t the sexiest topic in technology, but with the explosion of data funneling through corporate data centers, there’s no shortage of action. As 2015 comes to a close, storage companies are all over the tech headlines.

Nutanix, a provider of so-called converged storage, filed to go public on Tuesday, with tentative plans to raise $200 million. A day earlier, NetApp agreed to buy flash storage maker SolidFire for $870 million. And there’s daily noise around the mammoth $67 billion Dell-EMC deal, which was announced in October, the same month that flash provider Pure Storage debuted on the stock market. The Hewlett-Packard Enterprise business, which includes storage, is now separate from the computer company’s consumer unit.

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