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Rand Paul celebrates the holiday season by insulting all his opponents on Twitter

You get a grievance, and you get a grievance…
You get a grievance, and you get a grievance…
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sen. Rand Paul has a lot to be upset about this year. He's behind Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, and even New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the polls. He's a libertarian skeptical of new military spending in a party that's largely in favor of it. And so on December 23, the Seinfeld-inspired holiday of Festivus, he is airing his grievances in an annual ritual.

Except his grievances about the presidential race were mostly just insults (and jokes) about Trump's use of "schlonged," Ted Cruz's Canadianness, and Hillary Clinton's bathroom habits:

Then Paul had an actual grievance: federal spending he considers wasteful.