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The 3rd Democratic debate, in charts

As in previous debates, Hillary Clinton came out ahead last night, getting the most airtime and number of mentions during the last debate of 2015. She spoke more that her two opponents, getting almost eight minutes more than Sen. Bernie Sanders and 14 minutes more than former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Total time

How long each candidate spoke


Democratic debate candidate mentions timeline

Clinton also got the most attention during the debate, getting more mentions than her two opponents. Sanders addressed Clinton 15 times and O'Malley mentioned her seven times, while she only mentioned them 12 and four times respectively.


Democratic debate candidate mentions

Sanders was the most-searched-for candidate, according to Google Trends. Search analysis is a way to get a sense of which candidates got viewers interested enough to start searching for information. In this area, Sanders came out on top, with 41 percent of searches with a Democratic candidate's name in it. He also saw a big spike in traffic in the final 30 minutes of the debate.

Search interest in Democratic presidential candidates

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