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Your Instagram Account Wasn't Hacked, Says Instagram

Everybody just calm down!

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Instagram experienced some technical difficulties on Wednesday, leading many of the app’s 400 million-plus users to go to Twitter to complain that their accounts had been hacked.

Not so, says Instagram! The company tweeted that there was a bug in the system and that everyone’s account is fine. Collective sigh of relief.

It’s not uncommon for sites like Instagram or Facebook or Twitter to go down every now and then with a temporary bug. But this issue wasn’t just affecting the app’s ability to load images — it actually booted users out of the app and sent them a message that "the account user may have changed the password."

These error messages were sent, well, in error, Instagram claims. Your passwords are fine.

The issue did generate some panic from people who weren’t sure whether their passwords had been compromised. Enjoy these tweets from people who freaked out over the outage before going back to mindlessly scrolling through your feed.

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