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McLaren’s Perfect Supercar: Tearing Up the Track in the 666-Horsepower 675LT

Woking's latest limited edition is not for the faint of heart.

The Verge

The McLaren 675LT I’m driving today costs a tick less than $400,000. The sticker says $396,820, which leaves $3,180 on the table. Just enough left over for several consultations with a top-notch chiropractor.

Owners will need those medical visits. And they’ll consider it four-hundred-grand well spent.

As I head over the lumpy streets of Manhattan on my way to a private racetrack in the Catskills, I have but one plan for this car: To thrash the hell out of it. That’s because the McLaren 675 “Longtail” — the basis of the “LT” in the name — isn’t built for cosseting. As a track-focused street car, the LT is meant to be driven hard, and it treats its driver and passenger thusly. This is not a ride for poseurs.

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