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Nick Cannon Joins RadioShack Because Two Forgotten Brands Are Better Than One

Cannon will be RadioShack's chief creative officer.

Radioshack via Twitter

RadioShack, the perpetually-near-death electronics retailer with more nostalgia than business savvy, has a new “Chief Creative Officer.” It’s Nick Cannon, the ex-husband of Mariah Carey, host of MTV2’s “Wild ‘N Out” and author of veritable hip-hop chart-toppers like “Pajama Party” and “Your Pops Don’t Like Me.”

Because some in the Re/code office thought that RadioShack had shut down completely and were convinced this was a hoax, we reached out to a representative for RadioShack who confirmed the announcement in a phone call.

“Yes, it is 100 percent legit, and it’s more than him lending his name — he really is going to be involved, he really is going to be the CCO, he’ll have an office in Fort Worth (RadioShack’s HQ),” said RadioShack representative Alessandra Carriero. “He’ll be developing a line of exclusive products, helping to carry the in-store experience, like music experience and educational programs, such as RadioShack’s STEM initiative.”

RadioShack entered bankruptcy protection earlier this year and was rescued with a purchase by the hedge fund Standard General. The company has survived with more than 1,000 co-branded Sprint stores, but perhaps RadioShack’s real turnaround will begin with a fresh marketing push headed by the creator of recent Hollywood smash hits like “School Dance” and Cartoon Network’s (canceled) “Incredible Crew.”

That said, “Wild ‘N Out” is pretty funny. Perhaps RadioShack’s new in-store experience will also involve celebrity guests roasting Nick Cannon’s rap career.

You can read RadioShack’s full press release here. Below are some tweets for further evidence that we aren’t tricking you:

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