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Uber Wants to Integrate With All Your Apps

Ride-hailing company makes it easier for app developers to add an Uber option.

The Verge

These days, an Uber button in an app can be seen as a sign of technological sophistication. For developers, integrating Uber in an app speaks volumes about the type of customer they’re trying to attract: Young, educated, city-dwelling and affluent. Now, Uber wants to make it easier than ever for developers to convey that message.

Today, the ride-hailing company is announcing a new offer to app developers to add a button to their app that, when tapped, allows users to request an Uber driver. Developers would need to register their apps in Uber’s dashboard to get the line of code needed to add the button for iOS and Android apps.

Developers can then configure the Uber button to appear next to any address or “intent to ride” in their apps, and can also optimize the feature to include as much information about the trip as they can, such as pickup location or destination.

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