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Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Joined the Board of Artsy Startup Patreon

Here's to hoping Costolo dusts off his standup act.

Asa Mathat for Re/code

Life after Twitter is looking pretty artsy for former CEO Dick Costolo.

Patreon, a startup that helps artists raise money for their creative projects, announced on Wednesday that Costolo has joined its board of directors. CEO Jack Conte told Re/code that Costolo, who he got to know closely at Allen and Company’s annual Sun Valley Conference this summer, is taking a voting board position, not just joining as an adviser.

“I don’t think I know anybody who’s as candid and straightforward as Dick. He says it how it is,” explained Conte, a first-time CEO who added that Costolo is a “master operator” who is already advising him on dealing with internal matters at Patreon. “He’s very clean and clear and I have so much respect for that.”

It’s the second board Costolo has joined since leaving Twitter. He’s also on the board of IfOnly, the startup that sells fancy experiences like meals cooked by famous chefs or meet and greets with actors or musicians.

Costolo certainly knows how stressful it can be to run a company in Silicon Valley — and he also has an artistic side to him. After stepping down from Twitter’s top job in June, he was a contributing writer for HBO’s satirical spoof on the tech world, “Silicon Valley.” Costolo is also a former standup comic.

Perhaps he’ll dust off a few jokes in exchange for donations as a Patreon user down the line. I know we’d pay to see that!

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