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Mr. Plow, Ad Man: Google Gets Homer Simpson to Hawk YouTube Ads

That name again is YouTube ad!


YouTube wants you to buy ads on YouTube. So much so that YouTube has made an ad telling you how.

Oh, and it roped in “The Simpsons” to help — specifically the glorious “Mr. Plow” episode from 1992.

Google’s spot, which will only run online, was created in tandem with Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox, which rarely deploys its cartoon family for such purposes, I’m told. The promotional effort is meant to grease the wheels for small and medium-size business advertisers, who make up a majority of spenders on the video site. In fact, their number has doubled in the past two years, according to new figures from Google.

Watch the clip and hark back to the days when “The Simpsons” was culturally relevant and splendid.

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