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Why does America hate Martin Shkreli? Just look at his Twitter feed.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli first became infamous for hiking one of his drug's prices 5,000 percent overnight. This was, to many, appalling. But Shkreli isn't the first drug executive to hike his price, and he won't be the last. As Quartz reported in October, "Massive, unexpected drug price increases are happening all the time."

What sets Shkreli apart — why the BBC has repeatedly dubbed him "the most hated man in America" — is his bombastic public personality. Shkreli is hyper-active on Twitter, where he regularly spars with followers. He boasts about his success, both professionally and personally. To scroll through his 7,000 tweets is to see a man who appears to derive great joy from pushing America's buttons.

Shkreli loves to boast regularly about his dating success, like this tweet from Tuesday.

These tweets are typical of Shkreli, who also likes to boast of his wealth. He appears to be a big fan of the Twitter account Cashcats, which shows (as the name implies) cats boasting over how much money they have. He retweeted this tweet from them:

Shkreli typically dismisses his opponents callously. That includes Hillary Clinton; he responded to her criticisms of his drug pricing with a three-letter tweet: "lol."

Less well-known critics get a similar treatment.

Shkreli's most recent topic of Twitter conversation is the single physical copy of a new Wu-Tang Clan album that he purchased. After that news broke in December, he quickly took to Twitter to boast about the new purchase.

Shkreli has trolled the internet about the purchase, running polls on whom he should purchase a private album from next or whether he should change one of his companies' names to Wu-Tang Pharmaceuticals.

Shkreli clearly knows what he's doing. He understands these tweets lead to public outrage, that they drive his followers nuts. He made that point well in a tweet on Tuesday — three days prior to his arrest. Tweeting at a film student who doesn't appear to have tweeted anything at him at all, he wrote, "I am the original internet troll, child."