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Twitter's Head of Video, Baljeet Singh, Is Leaving the Company

Another key Twitter departure.

Kurt Wagner

Twitter’s product lead in charge of video, Baljeet Singh, is planning to leave the company early next month, according to multiple sources.

Singh, whose title is senior product director, joined Twitter nearly two years ago after more than five years working at YouTube. He oversees, among other things, the consumer video product for the main app. (He does not, however, oversee Twitter’s other video properties, Periscope and Vine). A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Re/code that Singh is leaving.

Twitter has already lost a number of strong product leaders over the past six months, highlighted by the departure of three key product execs in June. Glenn Brown, an ad executive who was handling Twitter’s video ad push, also left in October.


Video is as important as it has ever been in the social media realm. Facebook is chock-full of video. Snapchat is building its business around video. Twitter, too, has shown increased interest in video over the past six months.

Twitter video is not, however, a huge deal to the broader media world. At least not yet. Many content creators still go to YouTube and Facebook to share their work, and even Twitter-owned Vine feels like a more popular destination for unique video content than Twitter itself. That reputation also impacts Twitter’s advertising appeal.

The idea of creating a more direct relationship between Twitter and Vine has been discussed both inside and outside the company in the past. That hasn’t happened yet, but Twitter’s still working on bringing its video products together, according to sources.

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