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Microsoft's New Philanthropy Effort Will Focus on Access to Technology

A $75 million commitment to computer education efforts.

David Ramos / Getty Images

Microsoft has launched a new philanthropic effort named, funnily enough, Microsoft Philanthropies. The initiative aims to “deliver the benefits of technology to a wider segment of the population,” and will be investing in a range of schemes from “providing access and connectivity to the public cloud to delivering digital skills training.” The organization’s chief, Microsoft veteran Brad Smith, isn’t giving away many details at the moment, but says it has earmarked $75 million to go toward computer education efforts over the next three years.

“Despite global expansion, increased access, and democratization of technology, the benefits of technology are not yet reaching everyone in the world,” wrote Smith in a blog post announcing the venture. He cites poverty, lack of education, accessibility and remote communities as specific barriers to this, and says that Microsoft Philanthropies will “contribute in new and more impactful ways to a societal ecosystem that connects the benefits of technology.”

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