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Watch: the Star Wars cast, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots sing the famous theme a cappella

Today's pick-me-up is brought to you by Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and the entire cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. During Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show, the eclectic gang debuted an a cappella rendition of the movie's theme song, sporting the most infectious of grins (or campiest snarls, if you're as committed as Gwendoline Christie).

Half the appeal is in how much fun everyone is obviously having, but the Roots are stellar musicians, and as such, even their silliest productions tend to be pretty impressive. With the band providing complex, layered backup, the cast can chime in at moments that are likely somewhat telling regarding the characters they play in The Force Awakens. For example: Daisy Ridley, who plays crack Rebel pilot Rey, pops in at the very beginning for the swelling main title, and is quickly joined by John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, probable Rebel allies. Adam Driver, who plays villain Kylo Ren, enters during the Imperial March alongside Christie, who plays the ominously (and fantastically) named "Captain Phasma."

Harrison Ford, being Harrison Ford, turns up whenever the hell he feels like it.

Once the movie is officially released and the world has actually seen The Force Awakens, the internet will undoubtedly be awash with more substantive Star Wars videos ... and games and theories and who knows what else. But for now, the new cast's enthusiastic tribute to John Williams's score will do just fine.

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