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Which holiday movie cliché are you? Take our quiz to find out.

Hollywood loves the holidays, but perhaps not as much as it loves clichés. So when you and your loved ones gather around the TV for whichever holiday movie you happen to catch at a decent time on cable, chances are you'll find the same slate of stock characters exchanging gifts or making each other's lives hell around an abundant feast.

For example: You will likely see a Cool Dad keeping things loose while an Uptight Wife holds him back. Mischievous Kids will probably be running around with a gleam in their eyes and mild explosives in their pockets, wreaking havoc. There will be drinks. There will be bickering. There will be touching moments of reconciliation, framed by drinks and/or bickering.

But which one of these clichéd character types are you? Find your holiday cinema soul mate now by taking our handy personality quiz; it may not be flattering, but it will be revealing!

God bless us, everyone.