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The Future of Wearables Is Normal Clothes Made Smart

"The projection from dorky, to dorky-chic, to actually wearable."

“Look at what you’re wearing right now,” VFiles founder Julie Ann Quay instructs Racked, before telling us to imagine “that every single piece of fabric that you have is a usable tech service.” This, she says, is the future of wearables.

The current crop of wearables has mostly been constrained to your wrist in the form of clunky Apple Watches and Moto 360s. Attempts to vary the where in wearables, like Google Glass — the no-longer-in-production spectacles so nerdy only cast members from “The Big Bang Theory” dared to wear them out in public — have already been cast to the junk heap of history. When a gadget seemingly straight from the future couldn’t cut it, it speaks to the fact that we need our wearables to be stylish and practical.

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