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Is Uber Trying to Pull a Fast One on Its Drivers?

Some say new agreement would preclude drivers from taking Uber to court.

The Verge

Uber updated its driver agreements Friday, in a move seen by some as an end-run around a federal class-action lawsuit challenging the ride-hailing company’s labor practices. The updated agreement, which began popping up on drivers’ apps today, would require them to resolve disputes with Uber through binding arbitration, which could preclude them from participating in the class action suit.

Shannon Liss-Riordan, the attorney representing drivers in the California case, filed an emergency motion to block the new agreements from going into effect, according to BuzzFeed. A spokesperson for Uber said, “We believe strongly that our agreements are valid, but we are making some changes and clarifications to remove uncertainty for drivers and for us as we work through our multiple appeals on this issue.”

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