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Walmart Launches Its Own Take on Mobile Pay

It's built into the retailer's mobile app.

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In the latest bid to make its stores more convenient, Walmart on Thursday is rolling out a new mobile payment solution, called Walmart Pay, that enables shoppers to check out at its stores via a quick three-step process.

Built as an add-on to the retailer’s mobile app, shoppers first link their preferred payment method to their account. Options include paying via credit, debit, prepaid or Walmart gift card. When customers arrive at the register, a QR code will pop up at the payment terminal.

From there, shoppers open the Walmart app, enable their smartphone camera via the Walmart Pay option, and scan the unique QR code. That will trigger the retailer’s app to process the payment.

Walmart is billing the capability, which is made possible via a proprietary software upgrade on its point-of-sale systems, as the first time a retailer has offered this type of mobile payment solution.

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