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Stop Naming Your Kids After Instagram Filters. Really.

You have only yourself(ie) to blame.

Serg Dibrova/Shutterstock

Remember when people used to name their babies after C-list celebrities and fruits?

Neither do we. The latest ridiculous practice among new parents: Naming their defenseless offspring after Instagram photo filters. It’s apparently a trend, according to parenting website BabyCenter, and it’s only a matter of time until a new generation of children will learn their identity was inspired by mom and dad’s favorite selfie.

The Instagram filter name Ludwig was 42 percent more popular in 2015 than 2014. Juno was up 30 percent, Amaro was up 26 percent, and Lux, while not a filter but still an Instagram editing tool, was up a whopping 75 percent this year. Other filter names like Kelvin, Reyes and Valencia also saw a jump this year. Seriously.

It’s unclear whether Mark Zuckerberg plans to name his baby after an Instagram filter like the rest of us, or take a bold new stance and go with one of the company’s other products, like Oculus Rift or Aquila.

The whole thing got us thinking: If Instagram filters are all the rage in 2015, what other tech names can we inflict on next year’s crop of babies? Cast your vote, people. Our future depends on you.

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