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Android Wear's First Luxury Smartwatch Is the $1,500 Tag Heuer Connected Watch

Do you like luxury?


During an event in New York today, Tag Heuer officially announced the Connected Watch, its first smartwatch running Android Wear. A luxury watch through and through, the Connected costs $1,500 and carries much of the legacy of Tag Heuer’s watchmaking prowess. It shares many of its design attributes with Tag Heuer’s Carrera analog watch. The company says it went through great efforts to make the Connected not “look like a connected watch.”

The Connected is the first Android Wear watch to retail for over $1,000, and Tag Heuer isn’t shy in making comparisons to the Apple Watch, which can cost as much as $17,000 for a tricked out gold model. The Carrera Connected isn’t made of gold, but it is comprised of titanium, a metal prized for its high strength to weight ratio compared to steel. Tag Heuer says the watch can be personalized with six different rubber straps. The watch measures 46mm in diameter, putting it on the larger side of the spectrum.

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