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Verizon Says Time Is Right for Kids to Get Smartwatches

The $125 LG GizmoGadget offers many of the usual smartwatch functions, plus the ability to connect kids with their parents.

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While smartwatches have yet to really become a hit for adults, LG and Verizon say the time is right to strap them onto little kids.

Verizon has started selling two new GPS-connected wearables that allow parents and kids to stay in contact and also to alert parents when their children leave a predefined area.


The $125 GizmoGadget aims to mimic the look of adult smartwatches and has a touchscreen interface, apps and a choice of different themes and watch faces. It also features a pedometer and the ability for kids and parents to exchange text messages with emojis, voice clips or preset messages. GizmoGadget allows kids to call one of nine preset phone numbers.

The more basic GizmoPal 2, which sells for $55, has LED lights to alert kids when a caregiver is calling.

Both wearables are waterproof and can be added to a Verizon shared data plan for $5 per month.

GizmoHub — a companion app for iOS and Android — lets parents get scheduled updates on their children’s whereabouts.

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