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Gobble up this great map of America’s turkey population

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us — and there's a decent chance that the turkey you will eventually eat will come from one of the states in red below.

(Metric Maps)

This map, from Twitter user @MetricMaps, shows the states where turkeys outnumber humans. It reveals that America has something of a "Turkey belt," which runs from Minnesota down through Arkansas. There's also an especially dense outpost of turkeys in the Carolinas, with North Carolina boasting a slightly larger turkey population than South. And then there is Utah, all by its lonesome self with the largest turkey population in the American West.

A recent, separate survey of America's turkey population shows that the birds' numbers are on the decline.


When you look at the numbers in aggregate, the turkey population in America in 2013 (240 million) lagged behind the human population in America (316 million) by 76 million. A turkey uprising thus is likely not imminent — unless, perhaps, you happen to live in North Carolina.

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