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Every country James Bond has spied in.
Every country James Bond has spied in.
Estelle Caswell

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James Bond’s career, in one map

James Bond is known for his globetrotting, and with the release of the new movie Spectre, he’s bound to visit new locations. But he’s done a lot of traveling already — here's every location Bond has visited over 23 movies:

Of course, any James Bond list requires a few caveats — for a spy who never seems to do any paperwork, any list requires quite a lot of it. First, there are a couple of made-up countries (disappointing fans who go to the series for its realism): The "nations" of San Monique and the Republic of Isthmus were invented for the series. Bond's generic visits to South America make the entire continent a blob of his spy work, even though his spying was probably limited (it's worth noting that, in the past few generations, Bond films have been relatively grounded in the real geography, if not the real world). Sometimes, we might also know where a real filming location was but, in the movie, it's remained unidentified, so we've kept the mystery here.

Second, for the most part, we've listed countries in the way that provides the most context to modern fans. By that, we mean that we've included current country names even when they appeared as part of the USSR in a Bond movie, and we've also split out some countries that are currently part of China (like Hong Kong).

We've also omitted countries that appear in the movie, but which we don't see Bond visit on screen (like South Africa, where diamonds are mined in Diamonds Are Forever, but Bond doesn't show up).

Hawks may also notice that quite a few locations are faked through movie magic. Many times, the English Pinewood Studios subs in for more exotic locations, especially in older movies. We've shown what countries appear in the context of the film. If you want to look for best guesses on the real Bond locations, we found Movie Locations invaluable when researching this list.

As far as greater Bond trends go, you can survey his journey and find a lot to look at. The most obvious one might be that for younger generations of Bond fans, the spy hasn't done much work on American soil. His brief sojourn to Miami marks the only time when Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig's Bonds have spied in the United States proper.

But whatever happens to Bond in the future, one thing is certain — whatever his mission is, he'll probably need to pack a suitcase.


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