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Google Buys Video Editing Startup Fly Labs to Make Google Photos More Lively

Google Photos gets a video boost.


Fly Labs, a tiny New York company that makes apps for editing mobile videos, is now part of Google.

The company broadcasted the news on Friday afternoon. It makes a quartet of video editing tools and claims that over 20 million videos have been created within its apps.

At Mountain View, Fly Labs will be joining the team behind Google Photos, the storage app Google introduced in May. Last month Google announced Photos had crossed 100 million monthly active users. The search giant loves the product, which is powered by its machine learning chops, very, very much.

On the acquisition, an elated-sounding Fly Labs wrote: “Google Photos is a home for your life’s memories, powered by Google’s machine learning and computer vision technology. It’s a perfect match for what we built at Fly Labs, and we’re looking forward to folding our technology into Google Photos.”

No comment from Google and no price. Seems that Fly Labs didn’t raise much — less than $1 million — and the team is small. Still, it’s another sign from the Googleplex that it is investing in Photos, a popular product that evolved out of the less-than-popular Google Plus.

“Lots to come,” said David Lieb, the product lead for Google Photos, who praised the acquisition on Twitter.

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