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You can now read the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

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The Obama administration has released the full, final text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. There are 30 lengthy chapters, not including the annexes, procedural documents, or some special issues related to Japan.

This means an end to one of the primary arguments against the deal: that it's secret and no one actually knows what's in it. Now anyone will be able to see what's in it, and the war over whether it's a good deal or a bad one will begin in earnest.

Will that change any minds? Probably not. Most of the deal's provisions are pretty well-known at this point. The giant dump of text was only a few hours old when the AFL-CIO released a statement saying, "We are deeply disappointed that our policy recommendations and those of our trade reform allies in the environmental, consumer, public health, global development, and business sectors were largely ignored."

The deal, interestingly, is being released on Medium, which has become the venue of choice for politicians putting out major information.

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