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The Fight Against Sexist Stock Photography

Despite the countless options available on big stock sites, it is difficult to find photos for articles that discuss topics like body image, sex and relationships.


“I think the peach needs to be shinier,” Bustle editorial director Isla Murray tells Dawn Foster, a staff graphic designer who has been slowly sucking a piece of fruit for the last several minutes. “Should we spray it with water? Or something else? How do we make it look more provocative?”

Murray and Foster, along with several other editors from the women’s lifestyle site, are gathered inside a photo studio at the company’s Manhattan offices. The space is covered in props — melons, sprinkle cookies, plastic chili peppers, a fur rug, some sort of phallic purple thing covered in rhinestones that is almost certainly a dildo, piles of underwear, boxes of lip gloss, hot dogs stuffed into buns and slathered with ketchup.

But right now, they need to make the peach sexy.

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