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Your Snapchat Selfie Can Actually Raise Money for AIDS Prevention on Tuesday

(RED) and Snapchat are partnering for World AIDS Day.


Your Snapchat selfie may actually do some good on Tuesday.

Bono’s AIDS-fighting organization (RED) is partnering with Snapchat to offer three special photo filters on World AIDS Day Tuesday, an international effort to show support for people with HIV and raise money for organizations fighting AIDS.

The filters themselves are nothing new — Snapchat has offered photo filters of all kinds for months — but these (RED) filters can actually do some good. Every time a user sends a Snap with a (RED) filter, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $3 to the organization’s fight against AIDS.

(RED) partners with a different digital property every year. Last year it was Apple’s App Store. Back in 2013, (RED) partnered with Vine, and in 2012, it partnered with Foursquare around check-ins at Starbucks. This year it’s Snapchat’s turn. It’s a nod to the app’s popularity and the first major philanthropic effort we’ve seen from the four-year-old startup.

The new filters will go live in each region as the clock hits 12 am Tuesday and will be available for 24 hours. The Gates Foundation will donate up to $3 million, which means that at least one million people will need to use the filters in order to max out the donation. When Snapchat sells filters to advertisers, it generally guarantees tens of millions of views for any given filter, so it’s probable the (RED) campaign will max out on Tuesday.

Here’s a look at the three filters that will be available Tuesday, which each include a (RED) celebrity partner as part of the design.


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