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Jeb Bush's new ad touting his record in Florida doesn't say what he did in Florida

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Before Rick Scott was governor of Florida, Charlie Crist was. Before that, the governor was Jeb Bush. Now Bush would like to be president of the United States, so naturally he's made an ad about how his record as governor of Florida was awesome.

But it's a little weird. Watch it, and you'll see it doesn't actually say what he did as governor of Florida:

Jeb and his admirers make the following claims:

  • "It was about big ideas."
  • "He crushed the status quo."
  • "He's taken on the vested interest."
  • "He seizes onto problems, and he creates solutions."
  • "Across the board, we reformed things."
  • "We turned the place upside down."
  • "I felt like I was part of a revolution."
  • "The Jeb that I know was completely unafraid to take on the establishment."
  • "He doesn't lose sight of the goal."
  • "He had a vision of how he wanted to see the state of Florida when he left office."

This sounds like a really interesting story!

Moment by moment, it's a really well-crafted ad that succeeds in making you interested in this governor from the relatively distant past and the revolutionary political change he unleashed in Florida. But there's no punchline. What did he actually do? What good things happened as a result? Was Florida a terrible place to live before Bush took office? Is it a fantastic place to live now? What Bush initiatives account for the change? Which of them could be applied to national politics?

The ad … just doesn't say. Maybe it's the setup for a forthcoming, even-more-awesome ad.

Or maybe nothing all that significant improved in Florida public policy, but Jeb's term in office coincided with an enormous housing bubble that made tax cuts look affordable — and then the state economy completely collapsed the year after he left office.

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