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Black Friday shopping searches, in one map

Black Friday has become a country-wide affair, with stores from California to Maine opening their doors early with big sales. But Google search data shows that not every state celebrates Black Friday exactly the same.

This map shows the most uniquely searched shopping item in every state, from November 16 to 23. You can see that boots and shoes tend to get lots of interest — in 20 states, they're the most searched item — but the exact type of boot or shoe can vary a lot.

(Javier Zarracina/Vox)

States where people are searching for winter boots tend to be those with especially severe winters, like Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. In the warmer climates of California and New Mexico, meanwhile, comfy Ugg boots are the most searched item.

Clothing is the second most searched category after boots and shoes, with 13 states searching for trousers and jackets. Consumers in Oregon, Iowa, and Kansas are looking for winter jackets, but in two states in New England, Maine and Rhode Island are searching for bathing suits — perhaps dreaming of warmer weather.