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Yet Another Top Yahoo Media Executive Departs

The exodus of media talent at the Silicon Valley Internet giant continues.

Yahoo’s Rob Barrett, who has most recently been its head of media strategy and operations, has left the company, according to multiple sources.

Formerly the head of Yahoo’s powerful news and finance unit, Barrett has been in charge of content strategy and development over all of Yahoo’s media properties.

Barrett came to the Silicon Valley Internet giant in 2011 after a long and varied career in interactive media, including at the Los Angeles Times, ABC and Time Inc.

He has most recently reported to Martha Nelson, the SVP of all of Yahoo Media.

More pertinently, Barrett has been part of a major exodus of talent from Yahoo, which is still struggling under the leadership of CEO Marissa Mayer.

Another top media exec, Ken Fuchs, also departed recently, as well as media head and CMO Kathy Savitt.

Pressure on the former Google exec is increasing as press and also investors are calling attention to Mayer’s management and strategy for making the company relevant again.

I reached out to Barrett and Yahoo, but have yet to hear back.

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