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Facebook, Twitter and Google's A Cappella Groups Have Some Incredible Names

How is this not a scene from HBO's "Silicon Valley" yet?

Pitch Perfect 2

We stumbled upon what looks like an truly a-camazing event on Facebook Thursday night promoting an upcoming holiday concert featuring a cappella groups from some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies.

The fact that Google, Facebook and Airbnb all have a cappella groups shouldn’t surprise us. After all, when you put groups of high-performing geeks together, whether it’s at an elite university or an elite tech company, you naturally end up with unaccompanied vocal groups. It’s apparently a law of nature. The names of these groups, though? They might be straight out of HBO’s “Silicon Valley.”

We particularly like The Vocal Network (Facebook) and Airbnbeats (Airbnb). If we had one, we’d call it Re/cappella. Silicon Valley is known for innovation, and apparently that applies artistically as well (though we don’t know how their actual voices sound). Which name do you like best?

We have no idea what the holiday concert — which is called Techapella 2015 — will be like. But we hope it’s something like this scene from “Pitch Perfect 2.”

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