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The Walking Dead won’t say if Glenn is dead, but it’s having fun trolling fans

Glenn from The Walking Dead.
Glenn from The Walking Dead.
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Warning, there are spoilers about The Walking Dead here. 

The Walking Dead knows how to troll its biggest fans.

After setting up Glenn's (apparent) death — perhaps one of the biggest deaths the show has ever seen — the show has scrubbed actor Steven Yeun from its opening credits. The actor's name did not appear in the intro sequence that ran before Sunday's episode, "Here's Not Here." Fans have been waiting for confirmation of whether Glenn died after he and Nicholas fell into a zombie herd in "Thank You," and that glaring omission could be an important clue; Vulture explains that this is the first time Yeun hasn't been credited since the pilot.

But while it could be a hint that Glenn is indeed dead, it's more likely a trollish red herring. Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple said during last week's Talking Dead after show that Glenn will still appear on The Walking Dead in some shape or form:

"In some way we will see Glenn — some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn — again. Either in flashback or the current story to help complete the story," he said.

Gimple's statement confirms that Glenn will return, though of course he might be a walker or not a present-day version of the character. And Yeun's name could easily be returned to The Walking Dead's credits sequence in the future.

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