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Airbnb and American Express Team Up to Make Booking Easier

Airbnb joins Uber in the AmEx boat.


American Express has made another friend in Silicon Valley: Home-sharing service Airbnb.

The two companies are teaming up to make booking Airbnb stays with AmEx loyalty points easy for the credit card company’s customers. Now, American Express card holders can sign into Airbnb using their IDs and passwords for They’ll also be able to apply their AmEx loyalty points to book Airbnb stays without having to leave the Airbnb site.

With most other travel companies, AmEx users have to call AmEx associates to apply their booking points — a hassle that lessens the likelihood that they’ll use them. Leslie Berland, American Express’ head of digital partnerships, said the company wants people using their membership rewards as much as possible, because then they’re motivated to spend more with their cards.

“The partnership with companies like AmEx shows Airbnb is growing, and it’s at the frontier of travel,” said Lex Bayer, Airbnb’s head of global payments.

The partnership will also let Airbnb users verify their identities with their American Express cards (other verification options include driver’s licenses, passports and social networks).

AmEx has 100 million members globally, but only the U.S. members can use the Airbnb integration. “The massive growth of Airbnb and engagement and interest from our card member base is very significant,” Berland told Re/code.

This isn’t the first time AmEx has partnered with a tech consumer brand. It’s working with Uber to let people earn double loyalty points if they pay for Uber rides with AmEx cards.

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