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If You Give a Hunk a Cookie

A day in the life of model, health coach, social media star, and ketogenic cookie guru Crosby Tailor.

Meredith Haggerty is the senior editor for the Culture section at Vox. Before coming to Vox, she was a senior editor at Racked.

If you are not, as I am not, from Los Angeles, then you might not know what Erewhon is. It’s not a mythical creature, or the name of a Tolkienian elf, or “nowhere” spelled backwards, although it almost is. It’s a natural food market/celebrity hangout/mecca of the health community not far from The Grove. It’s very, very famous in certain LA circles. And it’s where I meet Crosby Tailor, who is also very, very famous in certain LA circles.

When Crosby and I first enter Erewhon together, people approach him from all sides, and he does the same, greeting friends and acquaintances and strangers, waving to anyone who calls his name, discussing salad options and business plans, and getting cornered about his bright red Pharrell Stan Smiths (a gift from Adidas) by a middle-aged woman who tells me, “I’d seen him here before, but he was so busy.”

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