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Gawker Media's New COO Is Josh Albertson, Co-Founder of Curbed

He's replacing Scott Kidder.

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Josh Albertson, co-founder of Vox Media-owned* Curbed, is joining Gawker Media as its new COO. He replaces Scott Kidder, who was part of Gawker for the last decade. Albertson confirmed the news to Re/code.

The news is the latest in a series of major changes at Gawker Media. On Tuesday, the company laid off seven full-time writers across multiple sites, and said that would be pivoting to focus on politics. The company also said it would be stepping away from developing Kinja, its proprietary content management system.

Gawker Media has had a turbulent year. A few months back, the company-wide executive editor and’s editor both resigned in the wake of a controversy over an article that outed a Conde Nast executive. Both of those positions have since been filled, by John Cook and Alex Pareene, respectively. Just this week, a former writer published an article describing a workplace that discriminated against women.

There is also the ongoing legal battle with Hulk Hogan (real name: Terry Bollea) over the publication of his sex tape back in 2012. A hearing on that matter is scheduled tomorrow in Florida.

* Vox Media owns this website.

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