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Clinton dominated the CBS Saturday debate. These charts prove it.

No matter how you slice the numbers on Saturday night's Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton comes out ahead — and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley comes out far, far behind.

Clinton spoke more than her two challenges, beating out Bernie Sanders by five minutes and O'Malley by about nine. This is now the second time Clinton has managed to get the most airtime during the debate, too; she also had the most words spoken at the first Democratic primary debate last month.

How long each candidate spoke

Clinton drew the most attention from the other candidates, getting more name checks than her opponents. O'Malley, meanwhile, garnered a sparse three mentions, as one might expect for a long-shot third-place candidate. Clinton and Sanders just didn't seem to feel a need to engage with him.


We can also measure who generated the most Google searches on each candidate, a way to get a sense of which candidates got viewers interested enough to start searching for information. There, again, Clinton saw the biggest spike in traffic, just about halfway through the debate.

Search interest in Democratic presidential candidates