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Paris Attacks: Where to Follow the Breaking News

Resources for those looking to know what's happening.

Screenshot / France 24

Explosions and gunfire rocked Paris today, with scores of people reported dead and wounded. As of now, it’s unclear who is responsible for the attacks, but many news organizations and people on the ground are rapidly updating Twitter feeds, websites and video streams with new information.

We know, according to reports quoting police sources, that at least 100 people have been killed, including a massacre inside a theater.

A major tech conference hosted by Airbnb was held in Paris today, and CEO Brian Chesky tweeted that participants were safe and tomorrow’s events will be canceled.

If you are looking to verify the welfare of a friend or loved one, Facebook has a safety check-in feature that could be of use.

We’ve assembled some of the resources you can use to follow along with what’s happening in Paris. If you think there’s anything or anyone we’ve missed, please send me an email or tweet us @Recode.

Journalists and Other Individuals Worth Following

Rukmini Callimachi: Callimachi is the New York Times reporter who writes about ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East. She is an authoritative source on the groups many suspect are behind today’s attacks and provides intelligent, well-researched analysis on what’s going on.

Katya Adler: The BBC Europe editor, who has journalists on the ground and is tuned into what native-language media outlets are reporting.

Doug Saunders: Foreign affairs columnist for Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, who has a strong news sensibility and understands the way breaking news unfolds online.

Seth Porges: Startup founder and media type who is on the ground in the attacks’ vicinity in Paris and has been tweeting what he’s seen since the violence began.

Laura Rozen: Foreign policy journalist for Al-Monitor who is retweeting a wide variety of verifiable sources, and offering incisive analysis.

News Outlets

Agence France-Presse: The AFP, one of France’s largest news organizations, is continually updating its Twitter feed news from on-the-ground journalists. The Associated Press is also quick, reliable and accurate.

France24’s Livestream: The French news outlet France24 has a free, English-language livestream of what’s going on. This is perhaps the best alternative to CNN or the news networks if you don’t have cable.

The New York Times liveblog: The paper has reporters on the ground, and their blog is being regularly and quickly updated with verified information.

Twitter Moments: Twitter’s curated selection of tweets and videos on the violence have been concise and informative.

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