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Silicon City: New York's Forgotten Role in the History of Computers

Touring the New York Historical Society's newest exhibition.

The Verge

When you think of the history of computers, it’s easy to mentally jump right into the garages and basements of Silicon Valley, or even the Silicon Prairie of Texas that is so moodily depicted in “Halt and Catch Fire.” You probably don’t, however, immediately think of New York.

New York has a history as long, if not longer, than some of the other places in this country that often flaunt the word “silicon” in their nicknames. And it’s why, this weekend, the New York Historical Society is opening a half-year-long exhibit called Silicon City. “This is a story that has been forgotten by many, many people, especially after Northern California stole the spotlight,” Louise Mirrer, president of the New York Historical Society, says.

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