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GoPro Stock Took a Nose Dive Today. Maybe VR Surfing Will Make Investors Feel Better.

GoPro investors: Try watching this to ease your pain.

GoPro via Facebook

Today has not been a good day for GoPro, the camera maker and burgeoning action sports media company. Its share price has fallen more than 7 percent to around $23.31, below the $24 a pop the company offered when it went public in June of 2014.

This is just a continuation of what happened late last month, when GoPro stock fell by double digits on a very bad third-quarter earnings miss. You could further argue that this is because analysts noted that GoPro’s newest camera wasn’t selling very well, and because most companies in the media business — a major area of investment for GoPro — haven’t had a great 2015. CEO Nick Woodman is feeling the hurt too, as he’s lost more than $1 billion of his personal fortune this year.

Investors who bought GoPro stock are now underwater, and they probably aren’t at all happy. But maybe they can take some comfort in the company’s newest VR video offering.

Today, GoPro (along with BuzzFeed) published a fancy 360-degree, interactive video on Facebook, depicting a bunch of athletic-looking guys catching some big waves in Tahiti. There is an unfortunate electro-folk/quasi-techno song that accompanies the short “film,” but there are surfboards and shakas and even some cool fish.

GoPro acquired the 360-degree video company Kolor earlier this year, and it looks like this is the stuff it’s using Kolor’s technology for.

You can watch “Tahiti Surf VR” below:

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