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Verizon Offers High-Speed Global Roaming for $10 a Day

It's costlier than programs from Sprint and T-Mobile, but doesn't relegate customers to 2G speeds.


Verizon is announcing Wednesday a new option that lets cellphone customers traveling overseas access high-speed data for $10 per day.

Dubbed TravelPass, the program lets customers draw data, call minutes and texts from their home packages for $10 per 24-hour period in more than 65 countries. In Mexico and Canada, roaming is only $2 per day. There is no fee until the service is used, and customers are charged only on days they are in a country and using the service.

Sprint and T-Mobile both have programs that let many of their customers access unlimited data when traveling overseas for no extra charge. However, the big caveat is that in most countries, they are slowed to extremely pokey 2G speeds, which makes them okay for email and a little light browsing, but not much else. In Canada and Mexico, customers can surf at full 4G LTE speeds drawing on their domestic data plans.

Verizon’s TravelPass typically offers 3G or 4G speeds, depending on the region.

“Unlike other providers, Verizon doesn’t use gimmicks like ‘free data roaming’ to lure you in and then put you on the slowest network,” Verizon said in a statement.

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