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New Documentary Encouraging Girls to Code Debuts for Free on YouTube

More women in tech, please.


There aren’t a lot of female coders — a quick look at the employee demographics for some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies will confirm that — but lots of people want that to change. Among them is filmmaker Lesley Chilcott.

Chilcott’s latest project, “CodeGirl,” a documentary about a high school girls app-building competition, debuted on Sunday. But you won’t be able to see it in theaters — at least not yet. Instead, Chilcott released the entire one-hour-and-48-minute film on YouTube, where you can watch it for free for the the next five days. The hope, of course, is to get as many people watching as possible.

Chilcott partnered with Google’s Made With Code initiative on the launch. A number of other companies are also trying to get more women and minorities into the tech field. Facebook, for example, is trying to educate parents on what computer science is all about in hopes the info will trickle down. Dozens of companies, from Twitter to Microsoft to AT&T, partner with the Girls Who Code nonprofit to help teach young woman about computer science.

You can watch the entire “CodeGirl” movie below.

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