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Take This Halloween Costume Quiz: Steve Jobs or Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes?


Gilbert Carrasquillo and Justin Sullivan / Getty

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is among the most famous and admired Americans of the last half-century. Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is a controversial biotech startup founder who is (on paper) the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire.

Aside from both being fabulously wealthy people working in Silicon Valley, the two have something else common: A uniform.

Jobs’ turtleneck, jeans and rimmed glasses are iconic, a part of his public persona with which everyone is familiar. Elizabeth Holmes has a similarly distinctive outfit — she, too, wears black turtlenecks every day, along with black pants and a black blazer. Holmes told Glamour that it’s a lot easier for her to just wear the same thing day in, day out, because picking what to wear takes a lot of time, or something. But she probably doesn’t mind the Jobs comparisons, especially because it’s better press than the recent Wall Street Journal investigation that revealed Theranos’ fundamental blood-testing technology doesn’t appear to work very well.

But those turtlenecks! Across the country last night as people threw on different costumes, some folks threw on a mishmash of turtlenecks, glasses, blood bags, needles, iPods and more in an effort to look like Steve Jobs … or Elizabeth Holmes.

Below is a (not too difficult) Re/code quiz, using photos put on social media from this Halloween weekend. Is the person in the photo Steve Jobs, or is it Elizabeth Holmes? Which turtleneck is it? Share your results with us on Twitter.

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